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The Multeeclubz golf club is ideal for 1st time golfers and recreational golfers and makes playing a game of golf Fun & Easy. Play a full round of golf with a single club that does it all.

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This one-of-a-kind golf club has a Unique and innovative design with no mechanical parts.


The Multeeclubz is the only golf club you need to carry for a full round of golf. Snowbirds, this will be great for going south.


This is a great gift for the first time golfer or recreational golfer. Why not gift yourself!





Graphite or Steel Shaft

5 shaft Lengths

3 Grip Choices

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Golf Head Only

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Multeeclubz Replace your heavy bag of clubs

Play around or Play a Round with Multeeclubz

Our innovative creation allows you to compete on the course with a single club. With a little experimentation of stance and club tilt, you can drive that ball, putt that ball and even get that ball out of the dreaded sand traps.

Save Some Money

The cost of a complete set of clubs and case can cost you a pretty penny. As a recreational or first time golfer, you may not be prepared to invest in a complete set of clubs and all that goes with it. That’s a good reason to try our patented Multeeclubz.

Great for Travelling

Taking your golf clubs with you on vacation can cost you a little cash. Transporting or shipping a single club is easy, inexpensive and convenient for you. This is great news for “Escape the Snow and Ice“ travellers. Take it with you and play all day with your Multeeclubz

Fun & Easy to Use

The Multeeclubz is fun and easy to use. Each time you play, its like you create your own shots. Competing on the courses with your friends with a single club. Turn their disbelief into “Where can I get one of those!“

See the Multeeclubz in Action!

Video Showcase

We demonstrate how to use the Multeeclubz in a series of Youtube videos. The club relies on some techniques which are easy and quick to use.


Comfortable Features

These are the top features of the Multeeclubz. For full descriptions please visit our Club features section


We offer a selection of 3 different grip sizes, Mens, Womens and Jumbo. These grips are made from top quality synthetic rubber and are textured for your comfort.


The Multeeclubz shaft is available in your choice of steel or graphite. We offer 5 different lengths that accommodate heights from 4.5ft to over 6ft tall.

Club Head

The club head is a unique patented design that uses no mechanical or moving parts to adapt as a an iron, wedge or putter. We have provided some videos how in our Club features section.

Right Handed Only

The Multeeclubz is only available in right handed only. If you are interested in a left handed Multeeclubz, please let us know in the area provided below. When there is enough interest we will offer a left handed Multeeclubz for sale.

Features & How To Videos

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